Mint Chocolates

Beech's Mint Chocolates range combines our sumptuous signature chocolate and the flavour of natural Black Mitcham Mint Oil to create a divine treat, enjoyable after dinner or whenever the mood takes you. Our range includes Fondant Mints, After Dinner Mints, solid chocolate mints and mint Crisp. One taste and you will want more, so please feel free to try them all.


After Dinner Mints

Our after Dinner Mints combine Beech’s rich dark chocolate and soft peppermint filling for a truly delicious way to round off your dinner party. Ensuring you have Beech’s After Dinner Mints to hand is must for the conscientious diner, whether you are the host or a guest.

Mint Thins

Luxurious Dark Chocolate infused with pure English mint oil, it is no wonder our Mint Thins are a favourite for those who appreciate the finest cocoa. Whether you are looking for an alternative after-dinner mint, or simply like to enjoy them with a cup of coffee, our Dark Chocolate Mint Thins are made with only the finest natural ingredients.

Mint Chocolate Bars

Our 60g Mint Chocolate Bar is the perfect treat for those who appreciate the finest dark chocolate and mint. Made with 100% natural ingredients, the Beech’s Dark Mint Chocolate bar is the perfect present for any cocoa lover – and that doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else!