Chocolate Bars

We have a wide range of bar flavours in our beautifully packaged 60g bars. Try the full range and look out for new additions!

The Chocolate bar is a staple for the cocoa lover. Whether you’re a classic nibbler, savouring one segment at a time, or prefer to indulge yourself in luxurious velvety chocolate with a glass of your favourite wine, our range of chocolate bars offer the perfect cocoa accompaniment to your evening.

Milk Chocolate Bars

The flagbearer of our milk chocolate bar range is the classic British Milk Chocolate bar, which contains 35% cocoa for a rich celebration of character. Made using only the finest natural ingredients, the range also includes bars with a variety of ingredients including Anglesey Sea Salt, Salted Caramel, plus a creamy milk chocolate bar with a celebrated smooth flavour.

Dark Chocolate Bars

For those with a deep appreciation for cocoa, our rich, dark chocolate bar selection offers a range of plain dark chocolate, plus accompanying ingredients, such as Ginger, Lime, Chilli and Mint. Having many wonderous properties, dark chocolate is known source of anti-oxidants and is also believed to have other benefits including helping to lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and even improving brain function, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Dark Lime & Chilli Chocolate Bars, plus other intriguing flavour combinations!

Our chocolatiers are always looking for new ingredients that compliment the natural richness of our milk and dark chocolate. Particular favourites in the range include Dark lime & Chilli chocolate bars, Dark Chocolate & Ginger, Mint, Salted Caramel and Anglesey Sea Salt. In addition, we have also created a truly creamy White Chocolate Bar, rounding off an incredible selection of flavours to satisfy every cocoa lover.