How Chocolate Made in Britain will fund a province in Africa - Beech's & Gureje IV

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Subscribe to follow the story of how Beech's will make chocolate bars for the King of Eti-Oni, a small province in Nigeria, to help generate funds to buy their own cocoa processing equipment. Together we have created a luxury Nigerian Chocolate bar brand called Gureje IV. The sale of the bars internationally, will directly fund the development of cocoa processing to add value to the price they receive for the cocoa beans they grow and to enable King Oloni to provide support for the farmers. These trees were planted by Gureje I, the Great Great Grandfather of the present King, Oloni HM Oba Dokun Thompson, Gureje IV.

Support Beech's to support Eti-Oni. 

Gureje IV chocolate is single origin made from Nigerian Coca beans from Osun State, Nigeria. Try this unique and delicious chocolate which is 70% Cocoa solids in dark bars and 35% cocoa solids in milk.

Help us help them by buying a bar when they are launched! 

Subscribe to keep up to date with the project and don't forget to listen to Chairman of Beech's, Andrew Whiting & HRH Gureje IV, discuss the project on the BBC's World Service. 




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