Beech's Launches Gureje IV

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In collaboration with HM Oba Dokun Thompson Gureje IV, Beech's Fine Chocolates is proud to announce the launch of new Gureje IV Chocolate Bars -  the start of a new way to generate sustainable funding for investment in a local community in Africa.

The Whiting Family, who own Beech's Confectionery Group, have helped to kick start the Gureje IV brand which is wholly owned by the people of Eti-Oni in Nigeria.  The start up funding was provided by Beech's Chocolates but going forward, the business will be self sustaining.   Furthermore, 100% of the net profit will be retained by the people of Eti-Oni to invest in chocolate processing equipment, among other things, to add value to the cocoa beans they sell on the open market.   This will generate significantly more revenue than any "Fair Trade" cocoa scheme in operation currently and the people of Eti-Oni can watch with excitement as their brand grows on a worldwide stage.   

Andrew Whiting, Chairman of Beech's said, "The Gureje IV chocolate is single origin Nigerian cocoa from Osun State and the milk 35% and dark 70% are both smooth and delicious. When people buy these bars they are directly helping the people of Eti-Oni to safeguard their future. "

The full set of Gureje IV bars will go on sale on the Beech's Fine Chocolates website at, followed by other outlets as support grows. Already there are many other retailers offering support for this exciting and worthy initiative.    The single bars retail at £5.99 and you can buy a case of 12 bars for just £60.00 

All proceeds from sales go to the people of Eti-Oni, a town in Nigeria, for local investment in the people and in the local cocoa farming infrastructure. 

You can buy single estate Nigerian GUREJE IV chocolate here at on the Gureje IV section of the drop down menu of our SHOP header or use this link -



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